Registered in the Register of societies and establishments

in Riga on __ _____ 2014

with No. ___


                 Baltic Society of Erickson Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

Chapter 1 – Name of the Society

1.1. Name of the society is Ericksons’s Baltic Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (hereinafter – the Society).

Chapter 2 – Aims of the Society

2.1. Aims of the Society are:

2.1.1. unite and merge the professional psychotherapists of Ericson’s experimentally clinic hypnosis (hereinafter – a psychotherapist) to implement common aims;

2.1.2. control the compliance with the professional standards in the activity of psychotherapists;

2.1.3. promote integration of professional psychotherapists professional associations of European and world’s psychotherapists.

2.2. The Society sets the following tasks to reach the aims:

2.2.1. provide legal, organizational, technical and other prerequisites to implement the aims of the Society;

2.2.2. defend the professional interests of the members in governmental and non-governmental organizations, international organizations and in work with officials;

2.2.3. promote the professional development of members and exchange of experience;

2.2.4. defend the clients of members with development of ethics principles and compliance control;

2.2.5. defend the members against the clients with development of ethics principles and compliance control;

2.2.6. make evaluation and certification of professionalism of psychotherapists;

2.2.7. arrange continuing education of members by participating in projects, arrange congresses, seminars and discussions;

2.2.8. arrange participation of members in seminars, projects and congresses of European and world’s psychotherapists.

Chapter 3 – Time-limit of the Society

3.1. The Society is established for undetermined period of time.

Chapter 4 – Honorary Members and Associated Members

4.1. Honorary Members of the Society are persons who have made great contributions to the country and psychotherapy or who have promoted considerably the work of the Society.

4.2. Associated Members of the Society are persons who are interested in the work of the Society and who are ready to promote the achieving of aims of the Society and accomplishment of tasks with their activity and resources.

Chapter 5 – Jointing the Society, discontinuing of membership and exclusion of Members

5.1.Prerequisites for joining:

5.1.1. Any capacitated natural or legal entity who is professionally appropriate to the aims of this society and who supports the statutes of this association by submitting an application in specific form in writing. Application form and list of documents to be attached to it is determined by the board of the Society.

5.1.2. A person certifies its qualification with documents and content of these documents corresponds with the requirements of EAHP (European Association of Hypno-Psychotherapy).

5.1.3. A persons observes with the ethics code of EAHP and the Society.

5.1.4. Chairman of the Board and the board decides on the enrolment of a member.

5.2.Procedure for discontinuing the membership:

5.2.2. Any member may freely discontinue the membership in the society by submitting an application to the board of the Society.

5.3. A member can be excluded from the Society with a decision of the board if:

5.3.1. the member has failed to pay the membership fee for more than 18 months;

5.3.2. the member fails to fulfil the decisions of the general meeting or the board;

5.3.4. Board of the Society makes a decision on exclusion of a member.

5.3.5. a member fails to pass he recertification procedure.

5.3.6. is not loyal towards the society or members.

5.4. Issues on exclusion of a member of the Society is revised during the next sitting by inviting the member to be excluded and giving him the floor to justify his/her opinion. Non-arrival of the member to be excluded is not an obstacle for the board to make a decision. The board shall notify the decision on exclusion of a member from the society and motivation of this decision (justification) in writing to the member to be excluded within five days from the day the decision is made.

5.5. Decision on enrolment of a member in the Society is made by the board. The board shall review the request of the applicant in the next sitting, but not later that within a month from the moment all required documents are received. The applicant shall be invited to the meeting of the board where the request of the applicant is reviewed and he shall be given the floor to express his/her opinion. Non-arrival of the applicant is not an obstacle for the board to make a decision. The board shall notify a justified decision in writing to the applicant within a week from the moment it is made by issuing a certification on enrolment.

5.6. The applicant may appeal the rejecting decision of the board in writing to the general meeting of the members. If the general meeting of the members also rejects the request of the applicant, the applicant is not enrolled as the member of the Society and he/she may submit a repeated application at latest after expiration of one year.

Chapter 6 – Rights and Obligations of Members

6.1. The members have the right:

6.1.1. participate in decision-making

6.1.2. receive information on work of the Society, including familiarize with minutes, decisions and orders of the institutions of the Society

6.1.3. participate in all events arranged by the Society, submit suggestions on the work of the Society and improvement thereof, defend their opinion

6.1.4. Discontinue the membership at free choice

6.1.5. Fulfil the assigned duties that are fixed in the decision of the meeting of the society.

6.2. Obligations of the members:

6.2.1. pay regularly the membership fee

6.2.2. comply with the statutes of the Society and fulfil the decisions of meeting of the members and of the board

6.2.3. participate in jointly arranged activities. Support the implementation of aims of the Society and tasks with their participation

6.2.4. comply with and fulfil the decision made by the society

6.2.5. support, comply with and fulfil the Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy

6.2.6. attend the meeting arranged by the society.

Chapter 7 – Structural Units of the Society

7.1. The board consists of chairman of the board and 2 members of the board.

7.2. The chairman of the board and the members of the board individually have the right to represent the society.

7.3. Territorial and other structural units may be formed with a decision of meeting of the members;

7.4. Work, rights and obligations of the structural unit, and relations with the Society thereof are regulated by the rules of the structural unit which is approved in the meeting of the members of the Society.

Chapter 8 – Calling of a meeting of members and decision-making

8.1. Meeting of the members is the supreme decision-making body if the Society.

8.2. All members of the Society are entitled to participate in the meeting of Members. Members are entitled to participate in the meeting of members only in person.

8.3. The ordinary meeting of members may be called once in a year – at latest to 31 March.

8.4. Extraordinary meeting of the members may be called upon the initiative of the board or if at least one tenth of members of the Society request it in writing by specifying a reason for calling a meeting.

8.5. The meeting of member is called at latest two weeks before the meeting by sending an invitation in writing to each member.

8.6. Meeting of the members is entitled to make decisions if more than half of members are present.

8.7. If the meeting of members is not entitled to make decisions due o lack of quorum, a repeated meeting of members is called within three weeks that is entitled to make decision irrespective of present number of members upon the condition that at least two members are present.

8.8. Decision of meeting of members is made if more than half of present members have voted for it. Decision on amendments in statutes, termination and continuation of work of the Society is made if more than two thirds of present members have voted for it.

Chapter 9 – Administrative Body

9.1. Administrative body of the society is the board which consists of three members of the board.

9.2. Members of the board elect one of them as he chairman of the board who arranges the work of the board.

9.3. The Board is entitled to decide all issues that are not in exclusive competence of meeting of the members.

9.4. Members of the board are entitled to represent the board each individually.

9.5. Member of the board fulfils its duties against a charge.

Chapter 10 – Auditor

10.1. Control of financial and economic activity of the Society is performed by an auditor who is elected by the meeting of members for a period of three years.

10.2. Member of the board of the Society cannot be as an auditor of the Society.

10.3. Auditor:

10.3.1. perform revision of property and financial assets of the Society;

10.3.2. gives opinion on budget and annual accounts of the Society;

10.3.3. evaluates the work of accounting and office work of the Society;

10.3.4. gives suggestions on improvement of financial and economical work of the Society;

10.4. Auditor makes revision within the terms specified by the meeting of the members, but at least one in a year.

10.5. Meeting of members approves the annual accounts of the Society only after opinion from the auditor is received.

Chapter 11 – Membership fee

11.1. Members pay an entering fee amounting to 50 euro.

11.2. Members of the society pay the membership fee once in a year – 50 euro.

11.3. Certification fee of 60 euro and recertification fee of 60 euro is determined for the members.

11.4. The Society may have also other financial and property income from participation in projects, from donations, gifts, etc.

Founders: __ /Edgars Skrodelis/


__ /Zane Siliņa/


__ /Dace Rolava/


__ /Dace Lodziņa/


Statutes approved in foundation meeting on 23 April 2014.